This benchmark suite is intended as a tool for Java benchmarking by the programming language, memory management and computer architecture communities. It consists of a set of open source, real world applications with non-trivial memory loads. The initial release of the suite was the culmination of over five years work at eight institutions, as part of the DaCapo research project, which was funded by a National Science Foundation ITR Grant, CCR-0085792. Three years of development have gone into the 2009 release. This work has been funded by the ANU, the Australian Research Council and a generous donation from Intel.

Our suite evolves to maintain its relevance. It is therefore essential that you cite the version number associated with the release in any use of the benchmark, and as a courtesy to the developers, we ask that you please cite the paper from OOPSLA 2006 describing the suite:




We invite feedback on the suite from the community.  Please use the researchers' mailing list.


Each of the constituent benchmarks is open source or public domain.  The original source for each of the benchmarks is automatically downloaded by building our source distribution.  The copyright information for each benchmark is available via the -i option to the test harness.

The suite itself is available under the Apache license.

For questions or comments please use the researchers mailing list.

Copyright 2001-2009 by the  DaCapo Project,
All Rights Reserved.